• Club Update 18th July 2017


    Hon. President’s Prize – Sunday 16th July

    Sunday saw 69 members participate in this latest competition. The weather has sunny but a stiff breeze threatened to make scoring a challenge. As it was only six players broke par and eight no-returns were recorded. The winner David returned an excellent score of net 60 to win by two strokes from Forsyth.

    The principal scores were as follows:-

    1st David Beveridge                  81 – 21 = 60

    2nd Forsyth Henderson                 70 – 8 = 62

    3rd Gordon Galloway                  77 – 13 = 64 (b.i.h.)

    4th Bill Kerr                                78 – 14 = 64 (b.i.h.)

    5th Tam Brady                           76 – 12 = 64 (b.i.h.)

    6th Callum Smart                         83 – 19 = 64

    Unsurprisingly the C.S.S. was 65.

    Ladies Falconer Bowl – 16th and 17th July

    Only 6 ladies played in this latest competition, which was won by Susan by a margin of 6 strokes from Diane.

    The principal scores were as follows:-

    1st Susan Marshall     89

    2nd Diane Sheffield     95

    3rd Rae Muir               97

    75th Anniversary Trophy - 9th July

    40 members took part in the above competition with only three clubs and a putter being allowed. The day had started fine weather-wise but deteriorated from lunchtime onwards. The decisions over which clubs being chosen was interesting to say the least but our winner Michael showed all his experience and no doubt skill to record the only score under par with his 63 pushing Alan into the runner-up spot. There were five no-returns perhaps as a consequence of not making the right choices in club selection.

    The principal scores were as follows:-

    1st Michael Treacy       72 – 9 = 63

    2nd Alan King           83 – 18 = 65

    3rd Tony Dixon         79 – 12 = 67 (b.i.h.)

    4th David Chrystall     85 – 18 = 67 (b.i.h.)

    5th Alexander Hoggan 86 – 19 = 67

    Captain’s Day – Saturday 23rd July

    This year sees a break in tradition with Gerry and Rae our Men and Ladies Captains hosting a joint Captain’s Day. Arrangements are well underway for the day which will culminate in a Presentation and Disco in the upstairs lounge.

    Members will be well aware of the extensive upgrading works being undertaken in this room and our sincere thanks go to all who have contributed their blood, sweat and tears in carrying out the works.

    As always there will be a raffle on the day so all donations will be most welcome.

    Thanks are also due to the Committee for their kind donations of spirits etc for the Complimentary Bar as well as the many lady volunteers who will be on hand to keep all competitors suitable refreshed.

    There will be a Hot Food Barbecue available, manned by Kevin and Julie’s staff, remember this is not free.