• Catering and Bar Franchise - Update

    We are delighted to welcome Kevin and Julie Lees who have taken on the above franchise. Whilst their official start date is the 1stt April, they are already providing food for forthcoming golf events and at weekends when their commitments permit. They have renamed the bar and dining rooms as the Bunker Bar and Fairway Restaurant and have a face book page to promote their new venture.

  • Lounge Improvements – Update

    The Lounge Improvement project has been completed thanks to a hardworking team of Graeme Turnbull, Elliot Coulter, Craig Clark and Jimmy Boyle. Thanks are also due to Bruce, Stuart, Lewis, Gerry and son Joe, Gordon and Philip for their muscle in various stages of the removal of old furniture and laying of new floor.

  • Last Saturday’s (11 March) Quiz saw the lounge being used in its glorious new form for the first time, the feedback has been excellent and hopefully the usage will grow.