• It has been decided to hold the Juniors Presentation in March.
    This will herald the start of the season, welcome the juniors back and introduce them to each other, the professionals and the juniors convenor.
    The club captain and all the committee extend a huge well done to the following winners and all the juniors on their achievements.
    Craig Clark
    Juniors convenor
    Junior Champion 2017                    Winner :- Oliver Turnbull
    Junior Open (h/cap) 2016              Winner :- Harry Newton
    Junior Champion 2016                    Winner :- Annabel Hosie
    Burgh Cup 2017                               Winner:- Kirsty Nicholson
    Junior Belhaven Day 2017               Winner:- Findlay Thomson
    Kevin Phillips Trophy 2017               Winner:- Fraser Darling

    Junior April Medal 2016             Winner:- Calum Nicholson
    Junior May Medal 2016              Winner:- Findlay Thomson
    Junior Mid May Medal 2016       Winner:- Jamie Chapman
    Junior June Medal 2016             Winner:- Gregor Ronan
    Junior July Medal 2016               Winner:- Shannon Young
    Junior Mid July Medal 2016       Winner:- Calum Nicholson
    Junior September Medal 2016   Winner:- Gregor Ronan

    Junior February Medal 2017        Winner:- Oliver Turnbull
    Junior May Medal 2017                 Winner:- Gregor Ronan
    Junior June Medal 2017                Winner:- Gregor Ronan
    Junior July Medal 2017                  Winner:- Oliver Turnbull
    Junior August Medal 2017             Winner:- Charlotte Watt